Aim & Scope

Advanced Medical Research (AMR), founded in 2022, is an internationally distributed medical journal that publishes original, peer-reviewed medical research. Publishing basic and clinical research of international significance in all medical disciplines, we strive to bring together scientists in medicine to share their work as quickly and widely as possible to advance medicine and benefit society as a whole, and to make impactful research accessible to health professionals, policymakers and local communities.
AMR offers broad manuscript coverage and will publish original research on all aspects of clinical care, healthcare innovation, health policy and global health across all health disciplines, including the following: original research papers, review articles (both narrative and evidence-based), research newsletters, letters to the editor, perspectives and outlooks, and papers of a routine nature that document interesting cases. We offer a user-friendly submission system and process from manuscript submission to publication, with timely, expert review and consideration from our experienced editors, following high standards to improve the accuracy, reliability and readability of your accepted manuscript.