Ren, Y., Hu, J., & Xie, T. (2022). Research on Financial Sharing Construction of J Enterprise Group. Economics & Management Information, 1(1), 1–11.

Research on Financial Sharing Construction of J Enterprise Group

In recent years, with the epidemic raging, more and more enterprises are trying to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency through the use of technology to achieve the purpose of helping enterprises to rescue. Especially under the background of China's economic development changing from "high growth" to "high quality", how to make full use of "Internet +", "Internet of things +", "big data" and other digital technologies to shape the digital construction of enterprise group finance has become a major topic for managers. As a sword of financial reform driven by digital technology, financial sharing service is widely concerned by managers and financial personnel. Based on the construction practice of the financial sharing center of Guangxi Communications Investment Group, this paper deeply dissects the internal structure, construction path and transformation effect of the construction of the financial sharing center, and looks forward to the future development direction of the financial sharing center of the enterprise group, with a view to providing reference for similar group companies to build financial sharing centers.

digitization financial sharing group management


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