The Global Sports Sciences (GSS) is an international and open accessed journal. The prime focus of this journal is to publish empirical and theoretical contributions related to current research trends in all aspects of exercise and sports science. The journal encourages submissions from international scholars, researchers, teachers, or coaches and aims to provide a platform for exchanging research results, innovative and authoritative perspectives, and insights for the development of sports sciences.

The journal offers broad manuscript coverage and will publish articles on various aspects of anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, exercise and sports psychology, health and fitness, sports medicine, coaching and sport pedagogy, kinanthropometry, and other interdisciplinary perspectives, including original research papers, review articles (both narrative and evidence-based), research newsletters, letters to the editor, perspectives and outlooks, and papers of a routine nature that document interesting cases. We offer a user-friendly submission system and process from manuscript submission to publication, with timely, expert review and consideration from our experienced editors, following high standards to improve the accuracy, reliability, and readability of your accepted manuscript.