Li, Y. (2023). Research on the Design of Sports Park Based on the Theory of Urban Double Cultivation. Global Sport Science, 2(1), 8.

Research on the Design of Sports Park Based on the Theory of Urban Double Cultivation

Abstract: In general, every sports park in the urban space environment is a collection of cultural essence of a city and a region, which reflects the cultural imprint of the historical era, is the cultural fusion substance of a specific period, and has distinctive characteristics and cultural context that distinguish itself from other regions. Sports parks not only witness the history, but also foresee the future. The rebirth of sports parks is mainly carried out in the two dimensions of protection and innovation. It is necessary to take its essence, eliminate its dross, develop in protection, and innovate in development. Methods: GIS, bibliometrics, knowledge atlas, human factors and efficacy and other tools were introduced into the research of sports park design based on the theory of urban double training to enhance the scientific, persuasive and logical nature of sports park design. Conclusion: The research on the design of sports parks based on the theory of urban double repair is guided by the specific content and requirements of urban double repair, and properly handles the relationship between the past and the present, the present and the future with appropriate scale and scale. It achieves the integrity of the development of each piece of land and each piece of urban area through urban organic renewal, and achieves the organic unity of sports parks and the city as a whole, to realize the improvement of urban planning quality and the sustainability of urban renewal, and finally move towards a new organic order.

sports park design Environmental design Urban double repair


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