Editorial Board Members

Prof. Xinwei Cao

School of Business, Jiangnan University, China.

Research Interests: Capital Markets Finance and Accounting; Fintech.

Email: xwcao@jiangnan.edu.cn

Dr. Salabat Khan

School of Finance, Qilu Institute of Technology, China.

Research Interests: Financial Econometrics; Statistical Inference; Financial Management; Islamic Banking; Investment Analysis; Advanced Microeconomics; Advanced Macroeconomics; Advanced Econometrics; Financial Engineering; Financial Risk Management; International Trade and Foreign Exchange; Monetary Economics.

Email: salabatwazir@gmail.com

Prof. Yonghui Han

School of Economics and Trade, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, China.

Research Interests: Industrial policy, world economy.

Email: hanyonghui2006@foxmail.com

Dr. Wangmeng Jiang

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Beijing University of Technology, China.

Research Interests: Cognitive Linguistics, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, English for Academic Purposes, Sociolinguistics,Teacher Belief, Discourse Analysis, Cross-cultural Communication.

Email: jiangwangmeng@bjut.edu.cn

Asst. Prof. Davide Calandra

University of Turin, Italy.

Research Interests: Business, Clinical Risk Management, Blockchain, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Project Management.

Email: davide.calandra@unito.it