Study of Molecular Cytogenetic Abnormalities in Lymphoma and Their Clinical Relevance


  • Yudi Miao Department of Hematology, Shaanxi Provincial People's Hospital
  • Qiaojiajie Zhao Shaanxi Provincial People's Hospital



lymphoma, molecular cytogenetics, abnormalities, clinical relevance study


Objective: To investigate the issue of molecular cytogenetic abnormalities in lymphoma and to study their clinical relevance. Methods: First, medium-term chromosomes of healthy men and women were prepared. Normal human peripheral blood lymphocytes were stimulated with PHA, treated with MTX synchronization, blocked with colchicine, cultured for 3 days, routinely treated with hypotonicity, cells were obtained, and steam-dried method was used to drop slices for backup. Next, comparative genomic hybridization. Preparation of probes; processing of normal human mid-term split images; hybridization; washing of slices after hybridization; staining; fluorescence microscopy observation, uptake and analysis of fluorescence signals. Results: Lymphoma CGH test results; Relationship between CGH abnormalities and lymphoma histological subtypes:Hodgkin's lymphoma CGH abnormalities, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) CGH abnormalities, follicular lymphoma (FL) CGH abnormalities, and follicular lymphoma (FL) CGH abnormalities; Correlation between CGH test results and lymphoma clinical features: CGH test results and lymphoma patients, the type of CGH abnormality correlated with the clinical features of lymphoma, simple CGH abnormalities and complex CGH abnormalities correlated with the clinical features of lymphoma patients, and CGH abnormalities at specific chromosomal sites correlated with the clinical features of lymphoma. Conclusion:Conventional model analysis examines both chromosomal translocations and gene deletions or spreads, fails to observe the full picture of the lymphoma genome, and fails to detect new chromosomal abnormalities.


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Table 8 Clinical correlation between CGH abnormalities at specific chromosomal sites and lymphoma




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