Chen, J., Zhang, Y., & Zhang, R. (2023). Exploring the Road of Digital Transformation of Agricultural Marketing Based on the Perspective of Platform Economy. Economics & Management Information, 2(1), 1–10.

Exploring the Road of Digital Transformation of Agricultural Marketing Based on the Perspective of Platform Economy

In order to meet the trend of digital transformation and build a marketing system for agricultural products in the form of platform economy, this paper adopts the literature research method to analyze the coupling of the two concepts of platform economy and agricultural products marketing under the framework of digital transformation, and explain the immaturity of marketing subjects, non-standardized marketing channels, unsuitable logistics system, unsuitable marketing products and unclear marketing rules under the current digital transformation mode of agricultural products marketing. The problems of quality assurance and unclear marketing rules. As a result, this paper puts forward policy suggestions, namely, taking the government as the leader, actively exploring new thinking, new ideas and new roads for digital transformation of agricultural products on the basis of improving the legal system, and building a standardized, extensive and innovative Internet agricultural products marketing platform by strengthening the training for relevant practitioners.

platform economy agricultural products marketing digital transformation


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