Cheng, H. (2022). Fear Not the Strong Pass Iron-Clad on All Sides, The Summit’s Now Surmounted With Big Strides. Economics & Management Information, 1(1), 1.

Fear Not the Strong Pass Iron-Clad on All Sides, The Summit’s Now Surmounted With Big Strides

  After intensive preparation and joint efforts of the Singapore team and the Chinese team, the first phase of Economics & Management Information was launched. What kind of journal should Economics & Management Information be? I hope its first feature is inclusiveness. The core of inclusiveness lies in advocating diversified development and encouraging individual advantages. To make academic achievements in the fields of economy, management, finance, human resources and organizational behavior, journals, reviewers and authors need to jointly choose and practice the inclusive orientation. This magazine regards inclusion as the first key label in its inaugural period, and will innovate the selection criteria from four aspects of the paper's genre, topic selection, methods and results, so as to promote the inclusive development trend of economic and management research.
  First of all, we include theoretical articles that are reasonable but lack empirical evidence. Empirical method is the mainstream research method in recent years, but the academic worries caused by excessive "modeling" have attracted the attention of scholars. This magazine values articles that are logical and have made outstanding contributions, these papers put forward important topics, review rich literature, deduce convincing conclusions or put forward feasible suggestions, which are of high value and significance. This is a kind of tolerance of this journal to the paper genre.
  Second, we include topics that are novel but somewhat niche. For a long time, the research in the field of economy and management has followed the hot spots in the field of theory and practice, but the hot spots are not necessarily the focus of the research. Some hot spots cannot stand the test of time and disappear. This magazine encourages those hot topics and classic topics that are strictly selected, and also encourages original topics derived from global practical problems, even if they are slightly niche and have unknown prospects.
  Third, we include research methods that are scientifically rigorous and slightly flawed. The overemphasis on the scientific nature makes the research methods of the thesis more and more complicated, but this orientation itself is also being questioned. This magazine tries to include various qualitative and quantitative research methods, and comprehensively consider the overall value of articles.
  Fourth, we include research results that are true but not perfect. It is not easy for all assumptions in the theoretical model to be supported by data. Young scholars are often trapped in data flaws. The favor of journals for perfect conclusions is also the initiator of some academic misconduct. The insignificant path relationship itself is also a research discovery. Just like Edison had experienced 2500 failures before he discovered tungsten wire, each failure is significant. This magazine advocates the authors to report the true research results.
  Like a baby, this magazine is still in its infancy. If we are still confident in pursuing higher standards, I hope that the editor can select articles expressing concern about social realities and research issues full of new ideas and practical values.
  The development and promotion of this magazine cannot be separated from the support of all authors, reviewers and readers. It will be the result of collective wisdom and concerted efforts. We are willing to witness thetransformation process of this era and the common progress of the global academic community.

                                                                                               Hui Cheng
                                                                                               Written in Guangdong Province, China
                                                                                               September 20, 2022

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